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Whether you're looking for a new home, a vacation home or a luxury property, here at Sellmax Realty our dedicated Sales Associates can help you find the home of your dreams.

The Purchasing Process

Here at Sellmax Realty we will help you with the entire Purchasing Process from start to finish. 

·         The first step is to create a good relationship with your Broker and Sales Associate to assure that you are the first person they call when a new listing arrives on the market.

·         Next you should speak with a Mortgage Lender/Broker and obtain written pre-approval for a loan. This helps you determine your purchasing power and enables you to act expeditiously and with confidence when you identify the property you would like to purchase. Additionally, a pre-approval assures the seller that you are qualified, providing you with an advantage when bidding on a home.  

Guidelines to finding your home

  • Define your search parameters. This typically includes price range, location, size, type of ownership and building amenities (if appropriate). Ultimately, flexibility will only work to your advantage.
  • Be specific about your needs, price point, locations of interest and any other amenities you require in your new home or building. 
  • When scheduling appointments, try to be available during the week. In addition to evenings, early morning and late afternoon is a good time to schedule appointments, as more brokers are available during these times to provide access to their listings. In addition, by avoiding weekend and open house showings you allow yourself to view properties without fighting crowds of people (competition) and giving you more time to ask questions and get a "feel" for the property.

Once you identify the property - The purchase

  • Submit a verbal offer through your Agent immediately who will then follow it up in writing. The offer will include such provisions as purchase price, down payment, amount of financing, included and/or excluded personal property (i.e. window treatments, lighting fixtures, etc) preferred closing date, current income (combined for couples), job description, net worth, and debt status (loans, credit, etc.). Once your offer is verbally "accepted" by the seller, your broker will notify the seller's attorney who in turn will draw up and send to your attorney the initial contract.
Keep in mind that sellers are allowed to hear ALL subsequent offers while your contract is negotiated (or finalized). In fact a seller may accept another purchaser's offer up to the point of a fully signed, executed and returned contract. This means that until your contract is signed by both you and the seller, your deal may not sustain as the primary deal. Therefore, instruct your Broker to proceed expeditiously.

Finally, our agents are professional with years of experience in the business. We’ll be dealing with you with Honesty and Integrity.

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We Are Free Service Brokerage

Our Service and Expertise are absolutely Free to you.  We are hard working and experienced professional.

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